Chocolataria Equador works in partnership with its Portuguese brand partner under the same name, founded in 2009. The brand’s quality extends from its origins in the plantation from harvest all the way through to its finely prepared chocolate creation. With strong links to São Tomé and Príncipe, Chocolataria Equador is proud to control its own cocoa beans trade, and goes to great lengths to ensure fair trade and the highest quality product available in the market.


Chocolataria Equador is focused on the quality of the cocoa and on the rehabilitation of the varieties that were, originally, brought by the Portuguese from Amazonia to the island, in around 1850.
Our cacao, mostly Amelonado variety, has a complex aromatic richness and a unique sensorial profile, specific of this variety and terroir. The company Chocolataria Equador works with the cacao from its origin until it is produced into a delectable chocolate creation (bean-to-bar). Its fully-controlled vertical integration enables an unmatched quality that can felt in every bite or every sip. We represent a new concept, based on the deep respect, social and environment responsibility, preserving and improving the welfare.

About Us

Chocolataria Equador was born from an emotional and historical relationship between two countries, Portugal and São Tomé & Príncipe. It emerges from the desire to meet the quality and value of the cocoa heritage by rehabilitation of the Santo António plantation, in São Tomé. Besides transforming cacao into chocolate, we work to recover the international prestige of São Tomé & Príncipe as a cocoa producer of excellence, by respecting the communities and valuing the producers for the excellent quality of the products they offer us.

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